Kagami (Sodalite Blue)
  • Kagami (Sodalite Blue)

    The Kagami features a warmer tone compared to its Kagami+ counterpart. There is a slight boost to its bass for a more exciting sound, with an added depth, making it a good fit for rock and blues.

    • D E T A I L S

      Comes as a set comprising a pair of Kagami series in-ear headphones in Sodalite Blue, one set of double-braided cable, and 3 pairs of silicone earbud inserts (S, M, L size).

    • S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

      Designed in Singapore

      Perfectly tuned single drivers
      Sound isolation to block off ambient noise
      Chrome-plating to provide a flawless mirror finish
      MMCX connectors allow for easy customisation and replacement of wires


      Get In The Zone
      ZerestAudio’s very own specially engineered 8mm Single Dynamic Driver allows rich, high-quality audio with excellent instrumentals. This is the way music should sound.


      Get Cozy
      A complete set of earbuds are provided to complement our earphones to make this pair of earphones truly yours. Smash that Spotify playlist for hours without feeling sore.


      Get Rough, Get Fancy
      Its chrome-plated, durable ABS shell allows it to remain lightweight whilst capable of withstanding the highest of impact. All our components are made to withstand professional and rugged use.


      Technical Specifications
      Impedance - 32Ω
      Frequency Response - 20Hz - 20kHz
      Maximum Input Power - 5mW
      Output sound - 93 Db/mW


      Additional Information
      Weight: 20g
      Wire: double braided wire with outer PVC sleeve — 18 Core Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wire for optimal conductivity and sound experience. 130cm ± 5cm.

    • P O L I C I E S

      Zerest Audio will honour all refunds within 7 days, no questions and no quibbles. In-ear headphones should be returned in original condition: without signs of damage.


      If you face issues after the return period, do contact us using the contact form.

    Color: Sodalite Blue